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We now sell plants! From fruit and nut trees to your landscape needs.
We do not stock plants, we pick up from our wholesalers when we have orders. 
This ensures that the plants are well cared for and in top condition.
Availability of plants is based on the wholesaler! On large orders, we may require a down payment or credit card information. 
We will try to have a delivery once a month or more based on orders.
Please use the contact page to send type and quantities.
Chill Hours are indicated as (300) by the plant name. Fruit Trees require a certain amount of hours below 45 degrees.
Fruit Trees maybe either 3 or 5 gallon sizes

Please see the file below for a list of available plants and prices.

Starting 2/1/22 we will be charging a convenience fee of 3% for credit/debit card use.